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I’m Kate, a passionate self taught chef, food & lifestyle writer, cookbook author, a   native Chicago girl who took a leap of faith following my love of cooking to Bella Italia where I’m living my best life learning the secrets of the Italian cuisine in Northern Italy! 

Here you can expect the very best authentic Italian recipes, simple & healthy meals, how to videos, and foodie travel guides to bring a taste of the ‘dolce vita’ to your dinner table! 

If I can cook like an Italian,
so can you!

Eating well is the foundation of everything in Italy.  Appreciating quality food & being able to cook healthy, nutritional, and flavourful meals is something that is natural to all Italians.

Meal time is a cherish and almost sacred time in Italians lives where family and loved ones are able to enjoy each other’s company for hours and hours around a table filled with food cooked from the heart.

Italian food is for everybody

The Italians have figured out the real secret in life.  It is quite simple!  It is to give importance, respect, creativity, community, spirit, culture to the most basic of things in life – the food we eat and cook!

Everyone loves Italian food but many don’t truly know how easy and healthy Italian recipes can really be to make at home.

Cooking well, eating well, drinking well is the key to living well and it is something to be learned and cherished from the Italians.

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