Terra Madre in Turin

Event.  Slowfood & Terra Madre.  Turin,Italy.

Every fall the leaves change, the weather becomes cooler and the season for eating begins!  The best part of autumn is gathering together with friends and family to share moments together over a good glass of wine and a plate full of comfort foods.  Turin celebrates all this with its annual food festive in September known as Terra Madre sponsored by the Slowfood organization.  For all foodies alike, near and far, Terra Madre is an opportunity to see one of Italy’s historic cities at its culinary finest. During the festival Italian products from all over Italy are presented in the main park, divided by region and city.  Visitors are able to walk through Valentino Park enjoying little nibblings of fresh pasta, cheese, desserts, and wine.

Your nose can lead the way through the perfumes of Italy’s best, stopping as one desires.  It is a wonderful opportunity to have a deeper understanding of the wide variety of quality Italian products available and gain a knowlegde on the culture and origin of each product.

There are events located all through the city in piazzas, and even a special event at the convention center highlighting food from around the world.  But what Terra Madre is truly known for is having a accumulation of everything Italy has to offer.

When one thinks of Italian food, or visiting Italy, Turin is not typical on the must see list.  However, it should be!  Turin is often referred to as the Paris of Italy for its history, architecture, art and beauty.Turin is a well kept secret for its culinary excellence.  Turin is the capital city of Piedmont and for this reason  the capital city of the region has some of the world’s most exquiste products just a quick drive away.   Piedmont is home to the reknown wine country found in the Langhe and Monferrato where Barolo, Barbera, and Arneis originate from along with being the land of Truffles and chocolate hazelnut spread, gianduja.

Article on traveling to Turin 


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