Eating & Skiing in Gressoney,Valle D’Aosta

Photo from Valle D’Aosta Official Website

Places to Go & Eat. Gressoney, Valle d’Aosta.  Gressoney is a ski village in the Italian Alps, at the foot of Mount Rosa.  This village is a well-kept secret in Italy and even throughout Europe.  What truly makes Gressoney unique is its position inside a scenic valley, how it has been left untouched by the change of time and  maintaining its original historic architecture.  All of this creates an overall picturesque charm of a winter wonderland and allows for exquisite, authentic Alpine dishes.


Gressoney offers a wide variety of outdoor sports for every season and a wide range of culinary discoveries.

Morgenrot Restaurant – located off of the Jolanda run

Eating is a very important part of every ski weekend or trip.  Some of the best spots are places you can get to my skies only! A way to describe the cuisine in Gressoney or Valle d’Aosta for that matter is that it is a simple and traditional cuisine combined with hearty and authentic flavors only found in the Italian Alps.  These ingredients make the Aosta dishes stay true and loyal to its territory, giving tourists and locals, alike, a meaning of what this region has to offer.

You can’t go to Gressoney without trying their cheese and salami.  Gressoney is known for its cheese Fontina, and its Lardo, or lard, fresh cuts of meat.  Other typical dishes, not to miss, include: Polenta Concia – a polenta dish with fontina cheese and butter melted on top; Valpelline Soup – a cabbage and fontina soup; Carbonada – a salted beef dish that has been cooked in wine; Stinco – which is braised beef shank.  To finish off every meal there is the typical mountain after dinner drink, as a digestive, Ginepy.

For more information on the recipes mentioned in this post click here, and if you’re interested in finding more places where to eat during your visit to Gressoney click here.

Let us know if you have been to Europe’s well-kept mountain resort secret or have tried one of these traditional mountain dishes at home, and let us know what you think!


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