Turnip Flan

A simple flan is an elegant presentation as an appetizer. What is great about a flan is that you can really it up at any season including different vegetables or cheeses to incorporate.  For the flan shown in this recipe we decided to cook with turnip or rape in Italian, which is a great winter vegetable that gives a nice structure and delicate taste to a simple recipe.   If you’re looking for an appetizer that is not too overbearing for the rest of your menu, turnip flan is a really nice start for the palate.  This is a recipe adapted from the Italian cooking magazine Sale&Pepe.

Difficulty:  Medium          Prep Time: 30 minutes        Cook Time: 25 minutes


300 grams of Turnip

2 Eggs

25 grams of Parmesan Cheese

150 grams of Ricotta Cheese

100 grams of Mascarpone Cheese

Salt & Pepper

1 bunch of Parsley

40 grams of Pine Nuts

1/2 Garlic clove

1/2 tablespoon of Vinegar

4 tablespoons Olive Oil

Preparation for the flan:

  1. Clean, remove skins and cut the turnips.  Cook by boiling or vapor the turnips until soften – roughly 15/20 minutes.  Remove turnips once tender, let cool and add to a mixer.
  2. In the mixer add the eggs, parmesan, salt, pepper, mascarpone cheese, ricotta cheese and mix together with mixer until an even mixture.  Place the mixture into 4 silicon molds with about a 10 cm diameter and cook in the oven at 340 F for 25 minutes

Preparation for the green sauce:

  1. Wash, dry and chop the parsley.  Blend the chopped parsley with the pine nuts, olive oil, garlic clove, vinegar, and pepper.
  2. Mix together until an unified liquid.
  3. Remove molds from the oven.  Plate the flans and add the green sauce on top of each individual flan, topping it off with an anchovy.

Eat Bene!




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