Carnevale Menu, Dolci

Carnevale is one of the funniest times of the year in Italy!

It’s not only a festival in Venice but all over Italy, where kids dress up as princesses, or super heroes, more or less a spring time version of Halloween.  And everyone goes crazy for the sweets prepared specifically for this time of year.  Each city or region in Italy has their traditional recipes and preferences for this festive time of year – a real gastronomic journey through some of the oldest and most traditional recipes throughout Italy centered around this event.  Even though recipes vary from city to city there is one thing that they all make sure not to leave out:  frying and sugar!

No matter which recipe you prefer or choose to recreate – we guarantee each dessert will bring huge success to your table!

Here are our top desserts to prepare for carnevale – fat Tuesday – to celebrate in true Italian style:

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