Appetizers for the Holidays

Need a quick fix for your Christmas or New Year’s menu?  Here are a few simple appetizers that are beautiful to serve with cocktails or at the table to kick off your holiday dinner.

Prosciutto wrapped dates with goat cheese



Prosciutto Crudo

Goat Cheese


1. Cut prosciutto slices in half long ways.

2. Put a small spoonful of cheese at one end of prosciutto. Place date on top of cheese.

3. Roll up the prosciutto with date and cheese, add a tooth pick to hold it together.

Toasted Ricotta Cheese, Honey and buttered Chestnuts



50 grams of butter

1 tablespoon brown sugar


250 grams of ricotta


  1. Take the ricotta and place it in a pasta strainer covered with paper towels in order to drain the water from the ricotta. Let the ricotta dry for roughly 45 minutes / 1 hour.
  2. In a sauce pan, melt butter on a low flame, add chestnuts and brown sugar and cook for 12 minutes.  Once cooked set aside.
  3. After ricotta has been dried, cut in halves and fry with a dash of olive oil in a medium size frying pan.  Cook until the cheese is golden on both sides and remove.
  4. Plate a slice of fried ricotta on a serving dish, drizzle honey over top of the ricotta and place a serving of chestnuts.


Salmon Layered Panino
Salmon Layered Panino


Panino sliced bread

400 grams of smoked Salmon

1/2 package Spinach salad


Olive oil

450 grams of Cream Cheese



  1. Make sure white bread is sliced and set aside.
  2. First start by making the cream cheese “frosting”, add 250g. of cream cheese with 2 tablespoons lemon juice, dill and 100g. of chopped smoked salmon.  Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl or mixer and mix the ingredients together until it becomes creamy.
  3. After start assembling the big panino, one slice bread – salmon –  cream cream, one slice bread – spinach salad, and repeat until you have completed all the desired layers.
  4. The final touch use the salmon cream to cover the entire panino.