Gelato Panettone Cake


What is better than panettone, chocolate and gelato? Gelato Panettone Cake! This is the dolce recipe of all dessert recipes for your holiday get together or even a fun recipe to make with the kids!

Over the holidays, panettone is the Italian fruit cake that you can find on everyone’s table from December until April.  Beloved by all, it is a cake we love to share and eat at the end of every special dinner shared with loved ones.  The Gelato Panettone Cake is a fun twist to reuse any left over panettones from the holidays and makes for a delicious centerpiece to the end of your winter dinner parties. You can preserve your favorite fruit cake in the freezer once it becomes an ice cream cake and enjoy for days to come. Here’s our recipe :

Difficulty : Easy   Prep Time : 15 minutes   Cook Time : 0    (freeze time = 4 hours)

Ingredients :

1 Panettone – or left over – sliced

Cherry Jam

1 carton of cream / vanilla ice cream

Jarred cherries and / or candied oranges

1 bar of Dark Chocolate

Instructions :

  1. Slice the entire panettone , long ways.  Take a medium size mixing bowl and layer the entire bowl with plastic wrap – 3 layers or so – and make sure there is enough extra plastic wrap hanging over the edges to wrap up the entire insides of bowl at the end.
  2. Start to cover the bottom of the bowl first then the sides. Once all sides of the bowl is covered with panettone spread cherry jam over the panettone slices in the bowl.
  3. After add in half a carton of ice cream / gelato.
  4. Sprinkle in jarred cherries and candied oranges. An additional option to add in a touch of sherry.
  5. Once fruit is added in add the rest of the gelato all the way to the top.  Cover the gelato with two more slices of panettone.
  6. Take the plastic wrap and close it around the panettone making sure that every is inside the bowl nice and tight.
  7. Place the panettone bowl in the freezer for 4 hours.
  8. Right before taking the panettone bowl out of the freezer, melt the chocolate bar and have ready to pour.
  9. Remove panettone bowl from freezer, undo the plastic wrap and on a cooking rack or cutting board turn the bowl upside down and remove the frozen panettone from the bowl.
  10. Once cake is upside down, leave it this way and cover with melted chocolate – the chocolate should harden quickly once hitting the frozen cake.
  11. After all chocolate has covered the cake and has hardened, cut a slice and serve!

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Eat Bene!