Mini Nutella Brioche

One word. Nutella! And we’re saying Nutella at breakfast! Oh yes!

I’m pretty sure your mouth has already started watering by just reading the word Nutella, it’s almost impossible not to!  Our beloved creamy chocolate delight is just the best guilty pleasure there is. But you won’t feel so guilty eating a mini portion for breakfast to get your wheels moving in the morning. Needless to say just the utmost perfect coffee or espresso combo as you’re running out the door to work.

You’ll be asking for more and so will your husband and kids! Super easy prep that you could even make them as you’re waiting on your coffee.  Get a taste of the dolce vita and indulge in a sweet first thing in the morning like real Italians do, and it’s their secret for staying so slim – eat sweets in the morning to crave your sweet tooth and give you time to burn off the calories.


1 jar of Nutella

1 package Ready Made Filo Pasty or Puff Pasty

1 Egg Yolk


  1. Lay the pastry dough on a cutting board.  Cut 12 evenly sized slices starting from the middle around the dough.
  2. Take a teaspoon of Nutella and place at the end of each dough slice, roll all the way up making sure the Nutella doesn’t come out on either side. Once one Nutella filled slice is rolled, set aside and continue as previously stated with the rest.
  3. Beat one egg and brush egg yolk on the tops of Nutella brioches before placing in the oven.
  4. Place in the oven for 12 minutes at 180C/350F and enjoy warm and gooey with your morning coffee!!

Nutella Mini Brioches

Eat Bene!!