Romeo Cocktail

Even in it’s name it sounds romantic, Romeo.  They say ginger stimulates the passion in us.  So why not make a ginger inspired cocktail to kick off the most romantic time of year and call it our classic Valentine’s Day drink!  Simple but elegant in it’s taste and presentation, the Romeo Cocktail is the best way to toast an evening filled with amore!


Difficulty : Easy.        Prep Time : 10 minutes


Ginger Beer

Pear Slices

Pear Juice



  1. Dice 1/4 of a pear in small pieces.  Lightly burn a stem of rosemary.  Put pear slices and rosemary into a shaker.  Pour 1/2 a glass of pear juice over the pear pieces and rosemary (per one serving).  Smash in some of the pear slices.  Add ice and  shake all together.
  2. Pour in serving glass with 1/2 a glass of ginger beer.  Add rosemary and a pear slice for decoration and drink!

Cheers – cin cin in italian –  to Valentine’s Day & Eat bene (or in this case drink bene)!

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