Summer (pomodori) Tomatoes 101

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, here in Italy for fresh produce but especially…… for fresh tomatoes of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

In the summer tomatoes are bursting with juicy, delicious flavour.  It real is a game changer, making an ordinary salad or pasta pop with a kick of freshness that really says summer!

The sky’s the limit with possibilities to use your summer tomato pickings.  In Italy, it’s no secret, that you can find tomatoes everywhere because in Italy the key is to always highlight what’s fresh at the moment.

There are so many great recipes to pair with tomatoes, caprese salad, cherry tomato pasta, brick oven focaccia, salmon olive and cherry tomatoes, stuffed tomatoes, summer lasagna . 

The true secret to an Italian flavoured summer, is to not hold back on where and how you use tomatoes in your recipes as long as their natural freshness is tasted at it’s fullest.



Here are some recipes we’d like to highlight today!

Colourful Caprese Salad with Stracciatella di Bufala



Cheery tomatoes


Basil leaves

Olive oil



Cut cherry tomatoes in halves, place on a plate,

Drizzle olive oil and salt over top of tomatoes.

Place cheese through the tomatoes

Place basil leaves over top

Red, Green & Yellow Focaccia Cracker




Focaccia dough (bought or homemade)

Cherry tomatoes (red, green and yellow)


Peperoncino flakes

Sea salt



Drizzle olive oil and sea salt over dough – pressing holes throughout the dough

Dice tomatoes, place on top of dough with hot pepper flakes and oregano

Cook in oven at 180C for 14 minutes – a little longer depending on your oven – until focaccia starts to look more crispy like a cracker