Mediterranean Melon Salad

Some days it’s hard to beat the heat!  And you just have no energy to cook anything….. You need some quick, and fresh that’ll keep you cool in the office or on vacation!

We can’t get enough of melone, cantaloupe, here in Italy! We have a melone in the kitchen every week, the taste is unbelievably good in the summer! But sometimes we get tired of eating the same plate of cantaloupe and prosciutto. Don’t get us wrong – prosciutto and melone is one of our favorite summer dishes – but sometimes you’ve got to mix it up.  So we’ve been experimenting with cantaloupe everywhere and we came up with this tasty salad.

The mediterranean melon salad is a twist on your typical greek salad.




Fresh summer greens

Feta cheese


1/2 Cantaloupe

1 teaspoon Olive oil



In large bowl add greens, olives, crumbles of feta cheese, olive oil and salt.  Dice the cantaloupe into square pieces and throw on top of salad.

***Note*** if you plan on making this salad before hand to take it with you to work or beach, don’t add olive oil until right before you eat the salad, to avoid greens from getting soggy.