Summer, summer, summer time!!!

Whenever we hear, make, taste, and eat panzanella the only thing that we can think about it sweet summer time!

This is the ultimate Italian recipe for the hottest time of the year.


This is a typical Tuscan recipe that is made on the basis of bread, onion and vinegar.  If you have old bread around the kitchen this simple dish is an excellent quick fix!  It is basically a decomposed bruschetta you can eat in place of a salad.  Enrich it with beans, tomatoes and some fresh greens. You can also think about adding in carrots, celery, olives, or cucumber.

Fresh, light, and bursting with natural flavour. You can’t help but feel good after eating it!


Tuscan bread

Cherry tomatoes

Cannellini beans

Red onion

Fresh greens

1 teaspoon Olive oil

White Vinegar (to taste)



Tear the bread into small pieces and wet it with water and white vinegar (best to have stale or hard bread in order to soften it with vinegar), let the bread soak

Cut tomatoes in half, and cut onion into slices.  Add in cannellini beans, and fresh greens. Add olive oil and salt.  Depending on taste add in extra vinegar and mix the ingredients all together.