Chocolate Italian Salami

Who doesn’t love a chocolate surprise on their table?

That is exactly what the Chocolate Italian Salami is!  The perfect little touch of chocolate to finish a meal or have with an espresso as a midday snack.

This recipe is one I inherited from my fabulous Italian mother in law.  I remember first eating this and thinking how delicious this was at the same time being completely surprised in finding out what was in it.  I was also taken aback because I remember just how hot it was that summer day I tried this dessert for the first time and thought how did she ever bake a dessert in this hear?! I learned after that day that this is the secret summer dessert of the Italian women, because here when the summers become unbearable and you have no air conditioning the last thing you’re going to do is turn on the oven! And a highlight of this recipe is that it’s quick, little prep, and no oven baking necessary.

But I find that this recipe is so easy to whip up and just the perfect amount of chocolate that you can serve it anytime of the year. Get the kids involved and let them take the lead the way and have fun in shaping their salami dessert.




150 grams of butter

100 grams of powdered sugar

50 grams of cacao

2 egg yolks

150 grams of armaretti cookies

150 grams of novellini cookies (or vanilla wafers)

3 walnuts

3 tablespoons of rum



Chop well the armaretti cookies, novellini cookies(vanilla wafers) and walnuts, add sugar, cocoa, eggs, melted butter, rum (this can also be eliminated from the recipe if you prefer and/or making for kids).
Mix all together well and give the dough a form of a salami by rolling it with a piece of baking paper. Once you are happy with the salami shape of the dough, make sure to keep it covered and in that form and put it in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.
Cut into slices, like a salami, when it is very cold.