Tiramisu Coffee Cups

Nothing says ‘Italian’ dessert quite like a tiramisu! No matter the meal, no matter the time of day, a tiramisu always tastes just right! There’s no place in Italy untouched by the traditional tiramisu. You can find this espresso charged dessert served in every corner of Italy.

Here’s a variation of our favourite traditional tiramisu recipe, Tiramisu 101. with Tiramisu Coffee Cups. View the Tiramisu 101 recipe to get the whole step by step of the tiramisu making! 

Tiramisu coffee cups are a fun way to serve individual (or to be shared in 2) servings. It’s a quicker preparation and leads to an extra punch of espresso, cookie and mascarpone in every spoonful!


The ingredients and steps to prepare are all the same, just instead of layering the cookies, coffee, and mascarpone in a large serving dish you layer them in a coffee cup or mug.  By doing this the cookies will have to be broken in half after soaking in the espresso. Always start your layering with the mascarpone, then the savoiardi (lady finger cookies) after being dunk in espresso, then a light layer of cacao powder.


**Note**: You may not have an Italian moka – espresso maker for stove tops – but as an alternative you can buy Illy or Lavazza ground coffee and make it in your coffee maker just ristretto with less water than usual.



100 grams Sugar

20 Savoiardi Cookies (or Lady Finger cookies if unable to find)

1 cup of Espresso Coffee

250 grams of Mascarpone Cheese

1 egg yolks

Cocoa Powder

1 1/2 tablespoon of sugar


Make espresso coffee, in moka coffee maker like found in Italy, or an automatic espresso maker or a normal coffee maker with espresso Italian coffee.  Once coffee is made pour it into a bowl that is wide enough to dip the cookies into, and set aside.

Prepare the cream, first separate egg yolk then the yold with the sugar.  Mix with a mixer or whisk thoroughly until the eggs and sugar become a creamy consistency and all sugar granulates have been worked into the egg.

Add little by little – to avoid lumps in the cream – the mascarpone to the egg & sugar mix.  Mix in the cheese, whisking from bottom to top.   It will then turn into the cream that will be used for the filling.

Take 2 (or more to your pleasure) coffee cups and spread a layer of mascarpone at the bottom of each cup.

Take cookies and dip them individually into the coffee **Hint: make sure it is just a dip with the cookies into the coffee, otherwise these sponge like cookies will become too soggy to maintain there cookie crunch** and lay the espresso dipped cookies on top of the mascarpone layer.  You may need to break the cookies in half to get them evenly in the coffee cups. Dust cocoa powder of the cream layer then continue the layering process all over again until the entire cup is filled.

On top of the last layer, dust cocoa powder over the entire layer – the last layer must finish with the mascarpone mixture – until it has be covered.   It is now tiramisu but before serving refrigerate up to an hour and serve cold.