New Mom Life During Quarantine in Italy – Why I Turned to my Kitchen

I always knew that having a newborn would mean staying at home a lot more than usual.  But I did not expect to be faced with a mandatory mandate to be quarantined to my house from the government.

In October 2019 I gave birth to my sweet baby Benny.  I had an extremely difficult pregnancy and was unable to work during my pregnancy, meaning I was recovered in the hospital a few times and put on bed rest by my doctors. So 2019 was a year of trying to keep my strength and await the day for my beautiful first born daughter. That day came and I was over the moon.  So excited to finally become a mom, I felt like my life had been leading up to this moment for so long, and it was finally here! Every new experience about what it means to be a new mom, I have to admit, I loved! I was enjoying everyday, and grateful to live in Italy where I could enjoy my maternity leave.

I had started planning all my trips to see my family and friends back in the States, to introduce them to my baby Benny! Until all the new mom glow and excitement to share the milestones of my baby came to a raging halt.

My husband and I were at our home in the mountains when we heard the news about the possible lockdown due to the ever growing virus spread.  At first it was just Milan, but as we left our weekend home and began driving back to the city, we were discovering how Turin may be the next spot on lockdown due to it’s proximity to Milan.  And within that week, first week of March, in Northern Italy, we were all ordered to be quarantined to our homes with our immediate families.

No longer could I go meet my other new mom friends, take walks in the beautiful city centre of Turin with my stroller, and of course there were no foreseeable travels plans.

News of the terrible lockdown in Italy reached home, and I was overwhelmed by the out reach of family and friends seeing how we were coping in Italy. Yes, it was a scary moment but with a newborn in the house life is so precious there are too many daily joys to let the fear of the outside world intervene.

And this is why I returned to my cooking.

The daily joys that cooking brings me and being able to have the time to have my daughter in the kitchen with me was priceless!

The constant planning of recipes and being creative with the weekly groceries made for fun challenges at home!  It gave us new energy in the house and allowed us the right kind of distraction from the outside world.

I thank quarantine for letting us all slow down a little bit and return to the joys we can create together in our own households.

I also discovered my love for making fresh focaccia along the way!

What did you turn to during this time of quarantine?