Favorite Italian Summer Recipes

Summer time in Italy is all about enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, whether it be by the seaside, countryside, or mountainside. The important element of summer for Italians is to get out of the city and travel to that special place to appreciate the beauty in the vast landscape that Italy offers!

With this being said, adding on the summer heat found in Italy, and well, no one’s waiting for something to come out of the oven all day!

And the popular Italian summer recipes definitely reflect just that!

The simpler, the fresher, the quicker, the better when it comes to summer time cooking in Italy!

Here are our favourite Italian summertime recipes picks for you and they are our favourite!

Insalata di Riso

Italian rice salad is a summer no brainer! Every Italian household has this dish readily on hand during the summer months! This is our top Italian summer recipe picks because it can be easily prepared ahead of time, easy to bring with you to the beach, and keeps you coming back for more!


This is another one of our favourite Italian summer salads! Throwing leftover bread together with white wine vinegar & olive oil, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, it’s hard not to feel fresh and ready to bare the summer heat! Click here for our alternative to the classic recipe!

Spaghetti con le vongole

Even just saying the name of the recipe, the taste of the sea comes to your mind! It is quite possibly too the most ordered pasta dish throughout Italy during the hottest time of year! One bite, and it’s obviously why!

Prosciutto & Melon (and / or Mozzarella)

Has anyone ever turned down prosciutto crudo and cantaloupe before? We certainly haven’t! The sweet and savoury, juicy and dry mix causes your tastebuds to explode with happiness! It just screams ‘ciao summer!’. Absolutely no prep other than finding the best melon and prosciutto and plate! Oh and you better be sure to take a bite of the prosciutto and melon together!

Fig & Prosciutto Bruschetta

Who doesn’t love bruschetta ? And in the summer we like to have a little fun, so that’s why our pick is our fig & prosciutto bruschetta! Perfect for those summer get togethers with cocktails! Click here for our full recipe!

Chocolate Italian Salami

Even if it’s hot, we still like a baked good to finish the meal, right? Well this will immediately turn into your favourite dessert to have at home because there is no baking required. This dessert is a little known secret in all households, plus it’s fun to make it look like an actual salami! Click here for our full recipe!

FOR MORE… of our favourite Italian summer recipes, check out our online cooking course Italian Summer Menu; where you can get a step by step on how to make our favourite Italian summer recipes, along with learning basic Italian to assist you for any future summer travel in Italy, and turn your kitchen into an Italian getaway! Click here to start your Italian cooking course!