How to Have an Italian Summer at Home

Have your plans changed this summer due to the world epidemic?

Are you wishing you were traveling right now, instead of sitting at home?

Have you always dreamed of traveling to Italy in the summer but haven’t found the time? 

Well, we have the perfect solution to get you the Mediterranean vibe without ever leaving your home!

Grab a glass of prosecco and don’t wait any longer, take a trip with Eat Bene to Italy this summer with our Italian Summer Menu Course on teachable!  

In the Italian Summer Menu you will get a full immersion into the Italian culture while learning how to make the most popular summer recipes in Italy! 

While learning how to prepare these summer favourite dishes, you’ll also be learning vocabulary and helpful Italian language phrases all while you listen to our Spotify playlist “Apertivo at Home” of Italian summer songs.

Join the Italian Summer Menu, if you love cooking Italian food and are interested in turning your kitchen into an Italian getaway! Or even make for a fun Italian themed get together at home with friends and family this summer! 

Learn summer Italian recipes, Italian vocabulary & phrases for the summertime, and listen to our favourite Italian songs with Eat Bene! 

A little preview of the Italian Summer Vocabulary you’ll expect to learn :

*more vocabulary and common phrases to use for the summertime in Italy included in the course material*

Don’t hesitate, join in on the DOLCE VITA fun!! 

Ci vediamo presto! We’ll see you soon in the course!