The Beautiful Beaches & Eats of Sardegna, Costa Smeralda

There’s no better place in all of Italy to dive into crystal clear waters and put your toes in the sand than Sardinia, in particular the Emerald Coast.

We’re going to highlight a few of the beaches worth checking out when traveling through this area! And once you’re done hitting the beaches, we have a list of ‘must eats’ while visiting this captivating Mediterranean island!

Here’s our “mini” guide to the gorgeous beaches of the infamous Costa Smeralda:

Beach #1 Piccolo Romazzino

This beach is tucked away between houses giving it a neighborhood beach feel.  Ideally you can visit this little slice of paradise by boat or by walking over the rocks to find this hidden gem.  The best part of Romazzino is just how emerald the water truly is here – hands down number one pick for the beautiful water and the little cove. 


Beach #2 Piccolo Pevero

To arrive at Beach #2, Piccolo Pevero you can arrive to Abbiadori in direction of Porto Cervo after nightclub area (Tabbata right & Sotto Vento left) the road inclines and you see a classic Sardinia rock with the label of the Pevero on your right.  

The true secret of Sardinia is knowing how to find these amazing beaches  – nothing is labeled on how to arrive to these spots which makes it that much more of a “wow” factor once you step foot on the sandy sea shores.

 No matter what one thing is for sure is that in Sardinia you can find every kind of beach you are looking for.  

Piccolo Pevero is a top beach – spiaggia – because of it’s crystal clear and shallow water.  You could walk out far into the sea with the water still just coming up to your knees.

A few notes to consider about Piccolo Pevero is that it is one of the few beaches where if you like you can put up an umbrella and lounge chair.  And also the beach cove is one of the longest there is on the Emerald Coast that you can take a nice passeggiata – walk – to enjoy the scenery!

Beach #3 Liscia Ruja 

A day that calls just for relaxation, you can follow the tracks to this quiet beach pick!  

(This path you have to literally arrive from here…)

yes really.. from this hide away in the trees you will find this beach, by walking in the direction of the Cala di Volpe Beach – famous hotel known for the shooting of the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me – spiaggia di Cala di Volpe

A highlight about this beach is that you can find secluded coves to crave out a relaxing oasis and enjoy pure Mediterranean paradise.

Beach #4 Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is a top pick because it is the beach for all water sports, chill vibes and once the sun goes down it’s time for cocktails on the beach!

The atmosphere is a chill, young beach style.  Everyone is up and active all day on the beach from kite surfing, rackets, soccer, and volleyball.  Another highlight is that there are even kite surfing lessons you can sign up for to try it out !

Something else interesting about Porto Pollo is how it was a penisula shape with water on each side filled with kite surfers.  If you look out far enough into the sea as well you can see the coast of Corsica and the winds between the two islands is what creates excellent surfing conditions.

And then once the sun was down it was officially time to grab pitchers of spirtz for us all to share and hang out under the stars to celebrate the end of vacation and end to yet another summer.  We really did have an amazing time in Sardinia – good friends, laughs and memories to match the incredible back drop of Costa Smeralda!

What to eat after beach hopping Sardegna:

  • Malloreddus. …  (typical gnocchi from Sardinia)
  • Porchetto o porcetto. … (piglet)
  • Agnello….. (lamb)
  • Pecorino sardo. … (typical goat cheese from Sardinia)
  • Culurgioni….. (big gnocchi  filled with potatoes and mint, served with tomato and basil sauce or butter and sage sauce)
  • Pane carasau…. (typical type of thin and big cracker
  • Fregola….. (Sardinian pasta, similar to couscous)
  • La Bottarga …… (pressed fish roe)
  • Spaghetti con i ricci di mare …… (spaghetti with sea urchins)
  • Le Seadas….. (typical dessert from the island filled with cheese, lemon and a little bit fried)