Happiness Cake Recipe

Today more than ever it is so important that we reflect on what is important in our lives!

Whether we liked it or not, the world has told us all to slow down, quite literally. So it’s been a perfect time for us all to take that necessary time of self improvement, and look into ourselves and ask some of those tough questions like…

What makes us happy?


My mom past this recipe down to me, which she was given to by her grandmother.

I love going through family recipes and this one in particular stays close to my heart.  I look back on it from time to time and felt now more than ever is the right time to pass my beloved family recipe on with the world!

I hope to follow this recipe when returning to my normal daily routine.  I also hope to pass along my happiness to others through my love for Italian food and recipes.

What is it that makes you happy?  How are you going to promote happiness in the world after returning to your daily routine?