Insalata con Tomino di Capra – an Italian Alps Salad

It’s the New Year & a New Monday!


We all know what that means…. time to start watching what we are eating, or maybe not?

Sure, the holiday eating and drinking and maybe overeating some more is over but that doesn’t mean come Monday we have to starve ourselves with eating raw veggies everyday until the next holiday.

If you remember in one of my personal favorite posts and theories on all diets and food, EATING THE MEDITERRANEAN WAY IS THE BEST WAY!

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So here is my go to salad, with a little Italian Alp inspiration to help us feel light and bright, but without missing out on any taste!

What is great about this salad, you can have it for lunch or dinner, and it won’t weigh you down but will definitely keep you satisfied! Again, everything in moderation and in this Italian salad, that is key! A little bit of sweet, and savoury all mixed in one.

And you want to know why it is also one of my favourite, because the mix of nuts, cheese and prosciutto bring me straight back to the Alps every time. Every bite plays well with that rustic yet sweet taste!


Soncino salad (corn salad/mache salad)



Prosciutto Crudo

Tomino di Capra – Italian Goat Cheese from the Alps

Dressing : balsamic oil, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon

**substitutions for above ingredients – instead of soncino you can substitute with a mild lettuce, find Bon Appetit’s suggestions here. – instead of tomino di Capra a soft, aged goat cheese would work**


  1. Clean salad throughly, cutting any ends if using soncino salad. Make sure to dry salad after washing, toss lightly in a large salad bowl and set aside. Cut small slices of prosciutto, place in salad, along with blueberries. Chop walnuts, add and toss to mix ingredients.
  2. Make dressing, in a small mixing bowl add olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix, season to liking.
  3. Place cheese on top of salad either cold or light heated so warm to touch. Drizzle balsamic dressing on top and serve.

Remember, don’t sacrifice taste to satisfy your dieting needs. Eating moderately, eat tastefully, EAT BENE! EAT WELL THE ITALIAN WAY! FROM ITALY TO YOUR PLATE!

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