Romantic Italian Meals to Keep the Romance Going All Month Long

Valentine’s Day may be over, but who is to say that the romance can’t continue all month long?!

Italian food is quintessentially the most romantic food there is!

So why not try these simple yet elegant Italian recipes for your dinner table of two, to make each night this month just as special as Valentine’s Day!

Each recipe is a guarantee win for a romantic evening at the dinner table.

These meals as well may look fancy but they are quite simple and fast to make, even on a week night.

Here are our picks for romantic Italian dinners :




Pistacchio encrusted salmon is a show stopping dish that doesn’t take all this time to make and is seriously delicious! A perfect dish for a special occasion or when you’re in the mood for something fancy! The combination of nutty and soft fatty salmon is a delightful contrast to make your palate explode. INGREDIENTS: 4…

Calamarata Oven Baked Pasta with Shrimp

Oven baked calamarata pasta is a fast and simple pasta preparation that doesn’t miss anything on taste or presentation. Fresh, light, and packed with delicate flavour!

Meatballs for Two: The Most Beloved Italian Recipe of All Time!

MEATBALLS FOR TWO! THE MOST BELOVED ITALIAN RECIPE OF ALL TIME! Just about the most beloved Italian dish of all time by young and old! Meatballs with tomato sauce, or better known as polpette al sugo, is able to bring cherished memories to us all. Meatballs with tomato sauce if a great meal for any time of the year and day of the week! It’s kid proof, and a quick prep, that also makes it a staple in every Italian household.