Ciao tutti! Welcome to Eat Bene!

Eat Bene is a celebration of Italian cooking and the ‘dolce vita’ lifestyle found around the dining table throughout Italy. 

We’re all about bringing the beauty that is found on and around the table in Italy to you! 

We love packing in the carbs with glorious authentically rich pastas, while at the same time enjoying the simple greatness that is in fresh produce.  You’ll never hear us say ‘no grazie’ to a helping of tiramisu after a long meal and, yes, you may also find us sipping on an espresso at all hours of the day! 

EB preaches the Italian philosophy of eating well “mangiare bene”, or in our case ‘eat bene’.  Come and explore how to bring the taste of made in Italy into your home and learn to enjoy the ‘dolce vita’ one recipe at a time! 

Meet team EB!

Kate – Founder of Eat Bene, describes how this project all began!

“Looking back, my family is a bunch of foodies and they always asked me to send pictures home of what I was eating, especially my mom, so they could get recipe ideas or live vicariously through my pictures. This was really where my true passion for cooking all began.

My love for capturing my recipes lead to an organic development into what was once sharing foodie pictures with my family to what is now Eat Bene”.


“I’ve always loved to take part in the beginning of a project or a business and to experience the growth that happens right at the very start! My passion is in the digital, and I do everything from art to strategy with the determination of achieving full potential.

For me, being a member of the Eat Bene family is a great joy and pride and it is going to be a fantastic journey ahead!”.

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