What is Eat Bene?

Have you ever wondered how to make an amazing Italian dish that you ate in a restaurant or maybe have even eaten while traveling in Italy on vacation? Perhaps while visiting Italy you tasted some of the most delicious dishes you’ve ever tasted in your life and have thought to yourself… well how could I ever possibly explain how good this dish tastes to friends or family back home, let alone be able to cook it myself?
Eat Bene is an Italian cooking & lifestyle brand that provides consumers with all the authentic Italian recipes and traditional family secrets straight from Italy, making them easily accessible to make at home.
Kate Fracassi, founder of Eat Bene, describes how this project all began, “Looking back, my family is a bunch of foodies and they always asked me to send pictures home of what I was eating, especially my mom, so they could get recipe ideas or live vicariously through my pictures. This was really where my true passion for cooking all began. My love for capturing my recipes lead to an organic development into what was once sharing foodie pictures with my family to what is now Eat Bene”.
Eating well is the foundation of everything in Italy.
“What I have learned from adapting to my host country is that the time spent around the dining table is cherished, truly cherished. And what we to eat on that table is cherished as well”, Kate Fracassi.
Eat Bene preaches the Italian philosophy of eating well, turning time around the dinner table into a sacred tradition and making home cooked meals a natural part of everyday life. The Italians have figured out the real secret in life. It is quite simple! It is to give importance, respect, creativity, community, spirit, culture to the most basic of things in life – the food we eat and cook!
If you eat well you’re more likely to do everything else well in your life. They say, “mangiare bene” here it Italy for eat well and we say Eat Bene, taking a little bit of Italian inspiration to our dining table.


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