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Italian Cooking at its finest


Italian appetizers are fresh, small dishes to enjoy with a cocktail for happy hour, also known as aperitivo, or at the beginning of a traditional meal. there are many appetizer options to be served either warm or cold. Click on ‘antipasti’ to find all appetizer recipes.


Everyone knows and loves Italy for its pasta dishes! Each type of pasta has its own tradition and regionality tied to its story. Pasta is a true art that offers its own culture behind it! Click on ‘pasta’ to find all pasta recipes and interesting facts about pasta.


First courses, aside from the standard pasta first course, there are also many options for a first course such as, risotto, soups, lentils, polenta and other grain options. click on ‘primi’ to find all first course recipes.


SECOND COURSES ARE PRIMARILY MADE UP OF MEAT AND FISH IN THE ITALIAN CUISINE. click on ‘secondi’ to find all second course recipes.


No Italian meal is complete without a little taste of delicate sweetness to clean your palate. Whether it be gelato, tiramisu or a torta alla frutta, there’s an endless list of delicious options and each region of italy has there own version of famous desserts. click on ‘dolci’ for all dessert recipes.