Italian Cooking Classes


with Eat Bene

Join in on the fun! Feel like you’re in Italy while never leaving your kitchen!

Eat Bene cooking classes teach you authentic & healthy Italian recipes straight from Italy. While learning these traditional recipes and secrets, you’ll also experience the ‘la dolce vita’ through learning Italian and listening to Italian music as you cook!

Turn your kitchen into a Mediterranean getaway with Eat Bene!

Summer Menu Course

This course aims to teach you a fun Italian summer menu with quick & easy options to make your next summer get together feel as if you are literally in Italy without ever leaving your home! Click here to sign up for this course!

Pasta Carbonara Course

This course aims to teach you the simple steps to making the perfect carbonara pasta to enjoy at home!And most importantly, the secret in making the perfectly creamy carbonara pasta! Click here to sign up for this course!

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Eat Bene is for anyone who wishes to make Italian food in a traditional and modern fashion. You will learn about the products, techniques, family secrets and tricks and much more! Click here to view all Eat Bene courses on teachable!

Let’s make something beautiful together.