Fig Bruschetta

RECIPE! Fig Bruschetta. Everyone knows and loves the traditional tomato and olive oil bruschetta that we have surely seen in all Italian restaurants known to man, but have you seen this one yet? Fig, stracciatella cheese, prosciutto crudo and honey!  

Appetizers for the Holidays

Need a quick fix for your Christmas or New Year’s menu?  Here are a few simple appetizers that are beautiful to serve with cocktails or at the table to kick off your holiday dinner.

Pumpkin Armaretti and Parmesan Bowl

Pumpkin Armaretti Parmesan bowl – a yummy aperitivo Italian dip thaty has a nice touch of sweet and salty that goes great with a glass of prosecco!

Italian Cooking 101: Fiori di Zucca

Zucchini blossoms can be prepared fried, stuffed or as an ingredient for a delicate first course. These zucchini blossoms are delicious and colorful, giving an extra touch to every dish. This fragile vegetable is the most known and appreciated edible flowers. They grow on both zucchinis and pumpkins, and are characterized by their yellow and…

Menu di Amore

It’s no secret that Italians show and share their love through their cooking.  It is believed that one can not cook well if there is no love in their cooking – amore & cucina – go hand in hand. So who else better than to take a tip from than the Italians on to know…

Garlic Dip & Crostini

Garlic.  It can be an ingredient that many tend to stir away from when planning a dinner party.  But, yes or SI, you can serve garlic to guests with this delicate, little dollop of an appetizer.  A suggestion for this recipe is to serve it in an individual portion to avoid from over doing on…

Turnip Flan

A simple flan is an elegant presentation as an appetizer. What is great about a flan is that you can really it up at any season including different vegetables or cheeses to incorporate.  For the flan shown in this recipe we decided to cook with turnip or rape in Italian, which is a great winter…