Blood Orange Ricotta Cream Cake


This dessert! We have no words for how utterly tasty it really is!  Came across our beloved blood oranges. So naturally, we just couldn’t get enough of them and found ourselves with an abundance of beautiful ripe blood oranges to let our recipe making mind run wild! Continue reading “Blood Orange Ricotta Cream Cake”


Chiacchiere Black & White

fullsizeoutput_2a8Chiacchiere is a typical fried dessert found in Italy during the time leading up to Carnevale our in other words Fat Tuesday.  It is a recipe that is quite simple to prepare and the variations are never ending. This is a fun take on the traditional chiacchiere and is a version we have found in Italy a little different from the rest still with a relatively simple preparation to make yourself at home.  The fun part about this fried treat is the contrast between chocolate and vanilla, which create as well fun visual strips.

Here’s our take on the traditional celebratory recipe:

Difficulty :   Prep Time :   Cook Time:


3 cups Flour

2 Eggs

1/4 cup White Sugar

40g Butter


80 ml Milk

1 Tablespoon Cacao Powder

Vegetable Oil to Fry



  1. Start by making the two doughs, one chocolate and one vanilla.  Use 1/2 the flour per dough, make a flour fountain in the middle of your work space, make a hole in the middle add half of the 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla (for the vanilla dough) and 1 tablespoon chocolate powder (for the chocolate dough) and break one egg in the middle of the hole.  Slowly whisk and work the flour into the egg until is an even mix and use hands to work the dough.
  2. Once both doughs are complete, start to roll out the dough, first splitting each dough in half and rolling out two lines of dough per flavour, the same length.  Layer one vanilla dough then chocolate then vanilla then chocolate.  Once dough is layered chocolate and vanilla, cut horizontally 1 cm thick.  After cutting the entire dough into the horizontal pieces, either roll out each individual piece or put in the pasta roller to roll out the dough for a thin even thickness. Cut 2 vertical lines in each chiacchiere in the middle of dough.
  3. Heat the frying oil.  Two or three at a time add the chiacchiere in the boiling oil until golden.  Remove and place on absorbing paper towels to soak up excess oil.  Place on plate and add a dusting of white sugar on top of fried chiacchiere.



Mini Coconut & Berry Bundt Cakes

Mini Coconut & Berry Bundt Cakes


Roses are red, Violets are blue, Will you make a bundt cake just for us two? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner or as we say here in Italy San Valentino. This delightful berry and coconut treat can be served as an afternoon sweet snack or a light mono portion dessert.  What’s great about this recipe is that you can even feel good about yourself eating it!  It is free of any dairy products with the substitution of coconut milk and vegetable oil instead. This dolce will have you falling in love with it’s fluffy sponge like cake and perfect balance of sweet berries and exotic coconut flavours and best of all home-made-ness. A perfect match for the whole family to enjoy together!  Continue reading “Mini Coconut & Berry Bundt Cakes”

Pie di Mirtilli

Mirtilli, better known as blueberries in English, are considered the super fruit of all fruits that easily takes us back to our summertime childhood memories of picnics, or outdoor bbqs .  You may be surprised but even in Italy, yes Italians too, have a fond childhood memories of blueberry pie – pie di miritlli.   It is a simple dessert, rich in taste, positive health benefits, and extremely appealing to the eye.

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Carnevale Menu, Dolci

Carnevale is one of the funniest times of the year in Italy!

It’s not only a festival in Venice but all over Italy, where kids dress up as princesses, or super heroes, more or less a spring time version of Halloween.  And everyone goes crazy for the sweets prepared specifically for this time of year.  Each city or region in Italy has their traditional recipes and preferences for this festive time of year – a real gastronomic journey through some of the oldest and most traditional recipes throughout Italy centered around this event.  Even though recipes vary from city to city there is one thing that they all make sure not to leave out:  frying and sugar!

No matter which recipe you prefer or choose to recreate – we guarantee each dessert will bring huge success to your table!

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Tiramisu 101

What isn’t to love about tiramisù?  Coffee, Cookies, Mascarpone and Sugar… che buono! It is without a doubt one of the top comfort foods from Italy and a dessert that is seen on menus and tables from the north to the south and everywhere in between.  This recipe is said to come from the regions of Veneto, Piedmont, and Tuscany who have the most traditional and classic version of the beloved dolce.  For many of you who are an espresso lover, this dessert is for you! And you can be certain that serving this will always leave guests impressed!  What they may not know is just how easy tiramisu preparation is, and you’ll be wanting to keep it your secret to impress the next group alla Italiana!

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