Pistacchio encrusted salmon is a show stopping dish that doesn’t take all this time to make and is seriously delicious! A perfect dish for a special occasion or when you’re in the mood for something fancy! The combination of nutty and soft fatty salmon is a delightful contrast to make your palate explode. INGREDIENTS: 4…

Valentine’s Day: Romantic Italian Inspired Desserts with Drink Pairings

Valentine’s Day Dessert: Romantic Italian Inspired Dessert and Drink Pairings. Show your romance by whipping up a delicious Italian dessert to win their hearts over! Not only will you end your night right as a couple with these sweet bites, but follow our suggestions to pair them with the best after dinner drinks to keep your night and romance going!

Romeo Cocktail

Even in it’s name it sounds romantic, Romeo.  They say ginger stimulates the passion in us.  So why not make a ginger inspired cocktail to kick off the most romantic time of year and call it our classic Valentine’s Day drink!  Simple but elegant in it’s taste and presentation, the Romeo Cocktail is the best…

Menu di Amore

It’s no secret that Italians show and share their love through their cooking.  It is believed that one can not cook well if there is no love in their cooking – amore & cucina – go hand in hand. So who else better than to take a tip from than the Italians on to know…

Mussels & Zucchini Cream

Really simple, fresh and colorful plate for a quick week night dinner or a first course dish to serve at a dinner party. The zucchini and parsley perfectly balance the mussel.